坎耶·维斯特 is an American rapper and musician who first appears in the 第十三季 episode, "鱼肉棒". He reappeared in the 第十七季 episode, "霍比特人".


Kanye does not understand the Fishsticks Joke, and thinks that people are actually referring to him personally as a gay fish. He resorts to violent rages every-time someone attempts to explain the joke. He punches out a TV presenter and leaves the stage during a performance. When Carlos Mencia claims credit for writing the joke on the Conan O'Brien show, he kidnaps and murders the comedian while trying to get him to explain the meaning. Finding out Eric Cartman and Jimmy Valmer wrote the joke during their appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show. Kanye and his entourage hold Cartman and Jimmy hostage at Jimmy's house threatening to murder them if they do not tell him the reason for calling him a "gay fish". Jimmy and Cartman ignore the threats and fight about who wrote the joke, Kanye comes to the wrong conclusion and accepts that he is a literal "Gay Fish", mistaking the argument as if they were talking about him. At this point a music video shows him diving into the sea where he begins humping and French-kissing other fish and sea animals.

Kanye returned in "第200集", still in his "gay fish" attire, to take part in the lawsuit against South Park with all of the other celebrities.

In "霍比特人", Kanye constantly tries to convince naysayers that his fiancée, Kim Kardashian, is not a hobbit. However, he repeatedly calls her to clarify certain issues as her similarities to a hobbit become ever more apparent. He sings the song "My Bitch Ain't No Hobbit".

West makes a cameo on a poster in "改头换面".

Deleted Scene编辑

In a deleted scene from "Fishsticks", the U.S. Coast Guard pick up his body, where he appears to have drowned with a smile.


Kanye West is an African American with close-cropped black hair and a dark skin tone. Prior to becoming a "gay fish", he wore red "shutter shades", a (presumably leather) jacket, a white shirt (with a partially-covered black design at its center), gray pants, and red-laced black and white sneakers. As a "gay fish", he wore a shiny green, skintight shirt, as well as aqua-green, skintight pants. As of The Fractured But Whole, he is now a literal fish with shiny green scales. He still wears his signature golden chain.


In "鱼肉棒", he is egotistical, narcissistic and self-absorbed. He is also unintelligent, not being able to understand something as simple as the Fishsticks Joke believing people see him as a homosexual fish.



  • "贞操戒指" (cameo) - Seen on a poster.
  • "鱼肉棒" - He is the butt of the fishstick joke until he finally admits that he is a gay fish.
  • "第200集" - Seen with other celebrities trying to sue the town.
  • "霍比特人" - He repeatedly tries to convince people that Kim Kardashian is not a Hobbit. He later reads Wendy a story about Kim Kardashian being a Hobbit.
  • "改头换面" (cameo) - Seen on a poster. 
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