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The episode starts in the elementary school gym; the girls are playing a school volleyball game. As the national anthem starts, one-by-one the girls start to sit down. Heidi Turner is the first one to do so, followed by Meagan Ridley, and finally Nichole. The crowd leaves and the gym is left with only four people watching the actual volleyball game.

PC Principal is addressing the girls, saying that he respects their decision to protest. Heidi then demands that Cartman be punished for his trolling ways as Skankhunt42. Cartman appears, with a shirt saying 'Token's Life Matters'.

At the Capitol in Washington DC, the House of Representatives is being addressed about changing the national anthem. The speaker says that only J.J. Abrams could save the country. US Military Helicopters fly the Representatives to J.J. Abrams house and they ask him to reboot the national anthem. He turns on a light, signalling that he is willing to do so.

Back at South Park Elementary, Cartman is addressing the school in the gym. He demands Wendy to come up on stage and he tells her to say something funny. She responds by saying, "I'm not funny." Cartman then tells her, rudely, to sit back down, which she does. He then goes over to Bebe; her only response is her angrily telling him to get the mic out of her face. He asks Nelly for comment, and she replies by calling him a fat fuck. Butters starts laughing hysterically as Nelly starts to tear into the boys for the Skankhunt comments. Cartman responds by saying that what she said is not funny, just angry and hateful.

At the Marsh Residence, Randy Marsh is watching CNN, which is discussing how J.J. Abrams will reboot the national anthem.  A pollster knocks on their door and asks if Randy will be voting for the Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich. Randy says that both him and Sharon will be voting for the Turd Sandwich, Hillary. 

At the dinner table, Randy starts ranting about the Giant Douche, Mr. Garrison, being up in the polls. Stan sighs in annoyance, saying he doesn't understand why they do this every 4 years. Turd Sandwich, Hillary Clinton, is holding a press conference where she reassures people not to panic about the new polls. 

At the Garrison/Jenner HQ, Garrison and Caitlyn Jenner are dancing around to "Cake by the Ocean", as they celebrate being up in the polls. He quickly turns off the radio and panics about not having a plan if they did win the election.

Back at school, Mr. Mackey is talking to Kyle, who asks him why the Germans felt guilty about not speaking up about Hitler's actions. He then says that he can't control Cartman's trolling and shouldn't feel bad, as a result. Mr. Mackey tells Kyle that everything will be fine because J.J. Abrams is rebooting the national anthem. Kyle says that Memberberries are not the answer to everything and leaves.

The HBC News "Commander in Chief Forum" is shown; Giant Douche is asked about 'fucking everybody to death'. They show a video showing Garrison announcing that he will fuck various people to death across various cities. He says that it is achievable to do all this in his first year as president.  

Back at the school, in the Kindergarten classroom. Cartman comes in to read the Kindergartners a story. His story called "Little Red Riding Kyle" is portraying Kyle as gay. While telling the story, Kyle comes into the classroom and pulls him out of the classroom, yelling at him. He grabs the book from him and throws it to the floor before angrily walking off.

At Skeeters Wine Bar, Randy, Jimbo, and Stephen are talking about the election. Steven then invites Randy over to his house to try Memberberries. Back at the Garrison/Jenner HQ, Garrison is talking to his advisers about how to fuck people to death. Chris Christie suggests that he swims in a pool in Florida, to contract the Zika virus, and slowly fuck everybody to death. Garrison is ashamed that he looks like a total jackass, whether he wins or not.

At school, Butters is laughing while looking at his phone and seeing a new post by Skankhunt42. Kyle grabs his phone and asks if the boys care about how the girls are feeling about this. Cartman runs across the school hallway, yelling for help. He said that the girls beat him up and drew a vagina on his face, a vagina with testicles. Kyle tells Cartman that he will not allow him to divide the school anymore.

Back at the Garrison/Jenner HQ, Garrison is making campaign calls to try to get people to vote for Turd Sandwich. The news cuts in to say that J.J. Abrams has finished the new national anthem, giving Garrison the idea to sit out the revised anthem. 

At home, Randy is mesmerized by the Memberberries who are 'membering' about times past. He snaps out of it and sits up in shock as they reminisce about offensive subjects.

At his home, Kyle is on the toilet and Cartman bursts in. In shock, Kyle becomes angry while Cartman says that he was right about him trying to start a gender war at the school. Kyle promises to track down Skankhunt42 and make him pay for his transgressions. 

During the football game, both presidential candidates are in attendance. As the anthem starts, Garrison quickly becomes freaked out as his plan stand or sit or kneel during the new national anthem is foiled. Watching the game on TV, Wendy quickly turns off the TV in anger, followed by Bebe and Nichole. 

Kyle is laying on his bed as Gerald comes in and asks if he is okay. Gerald goes into his office and turns on smooth jazz. He goes over to his computer and goes to the South Park Elementary School message boards, where he is seen logging in as 'Skankhunt42' with an evil, maniacal grin.  As of that moment, South Park is in deep trouble for the time being.

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