"Oh Kathie Lee" is a song sung by Chef in the Season One episode, "Weight Gain 4000".


Kathie Lee Gifford hosts a special awards ceremony for the winner of the Save Our Fragile Planet essay contest. Chef sings this song expressing his admiration for Gifford. The lyrics reveal Chef's desire to "make sweet love" to Gifford. After realizing this, Mayor McDaniels attempts to intervene, trying to stop him from singing the song.


You know Kathie Lee, you are a very special woman
I don't mean special in a Mary Tyler Moore way
Or, or special in an extra value meal at "Happy Burger" way
No, no, no, no. I mean special.
Like the song of a hummingbird
As it gets ready to find that female
Hummingbird and make sweet love to it all night long
Just two hummingbirds, moaning and groaning
And their bodies caress and touch each other in ecstasy
Kathie Lee, how I love to lay you down
And lick every inch of your body with my tongue
Kathie Lee, you're my sexual fantasy
How 'bout you and me get together and make sweet love?

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