Mr. Harrison is the husband of Mrs. Harrison and the father of Mark, Jenny, Gary, Dave, and Amanda Harrison. His first and only appearance was in "All About Mormons".

外观 编辑

Mr. Harrison has combed blond hair parted on the left side and swept in a smooth style. He wears an open cherry-red jacket, a yellow polo shirt, dark grey trousers, and black shoes.

个性 编辑

Mr. Harrison personality appears to be shaped largely by his family and religion, Mormonism. He is overly friendly and optimistic, like the rest of his family.

家庭 编辑

Wife Mr. Harrison is very close to his wife and they have five children.

Children Mr. Harrison has three sons and two daughters and has a strong relationship with all of his children. They never fight and enjoy spending time together. All five children play musical instruments, and perform a song for their parents and Stan Marsh in "All About Mormons".

出场 编辑

"All About Mormons" - Mr. Harrison and his family move to South Park from Utah.

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