Steven Seagal is an actor who appears in the Season Nineteen episode, "Safe Space".


Steven Seagal is brought in by PC Principal to give a speech on body shaming, as he too suffers from it. Butters is then told to help him, just like he is helping Cartman. He also appears singing in the song "In My Safe Space", as well as at Randy's charity dinner. He tries, unsuccessfully, to protect Randy from being pressured into donating money at the Whole Foods Market. He leaves after the cashier references Seagal's movies going "direct to cable". He also unsuccessfully stops Reality from taking the stage at the charity dinner. It is worth mentioning that in both of these scenarios, Seagal does nothing but stand there with a gun.


Seagal's appearance is taken from his character in the movie Absolution. He is overweight, and he has black hair pulled back in a ponytail with glasses. During most of the episode, he wears a black leather jacket (that is not big enough for him as his stomach sticks out at the bottom) and black pants. At the charity dinner, this is replaced with a white suit. In most scenes with Seagal, he is holding a pistol.


Like the other celebrities in this episode, Seagal cares very much about what others think of him. He cares enough that he needs the help of a fourth-grader to give him only the positive comments. He voices his discontent the most of anyone in this episode (perhaps besides Cartman), crying when he is told something he doesn't like. He is very sensitive about his weight, and his acting career.

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