Saul "Slash" Hudson, also known as Vünter Slauche, is known as an English-American musician and songwriter born in Great Britain and raised in the USA. He is best known as the former lead guitarist of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, who was later revealed to be a fictional character from a Dutch legend.

背景 编辑

He appeared as the guitarist in Randy Marsh's band in the episode "I'm a Little Bit Country".

In the episode, "Crack Baby Athletic Association", Clyde and Craig need to find Slash so that he can play at the event EA Sports is sponsoring. Clyde calls his parents when he cannot find Slash and they explain that Slash is make-believe, that he is actually based on the Dutch legend of the Vünter Slauche. The episode ends with the boys learning that EA Sports has collected all of their profits. Eric is too depressed to care; he just can’t believe that Slash isn’t real. He also can’t accept the fact that someone he knew pretended to be Slash during his eighth birthday party. Although Eric does appear again in the end saying he is real.

外观 编辑

As he appears in "I'm a Little Bit Country", Slash wears black cowboy boots, black pants, a white shirt with a peace sign design, and a small black top hat. He has long curly hair, which covers his eyes and face. He was seen playing a blue and black electric guitar.

冷知识 编辑

现实世界的史莱许对这“毒瘾宝宝”一集以一句推特回应:“我...不是真的吗?:( ”The real Slash reacted to this episode on a Twitter post, saying: "I'm not ... real? :("

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