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  • This is the first episode in which Cartman suggests to kill Butters, the second being "Good Times with Weapons".
  • Vaginitis is a real illness, although unrelated to the one portrayed in this episode.
    • The illness portrayed is based on Pellagra, which is caused by a deficiency of niacin. It is most common in people who do not eat red meat.
  • A picture of Stan and his dog Sparky is seen in his bedroom.
  • Farmer Carl Denkins was referred to as Farmer Bob Denkins in this episode.

References to Popular Culture编辑

  • Randy Marsh compares the boys to "little John Walkers." This is meant as a reference to John Walker Lindh, an American who fought for the Taliban.
  • Michael Dorn is famous for playing Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He is portrayed in this episode wearing a sweatshirt which bears the logo of Pasadena City College, his real-life alma mater. After this episode aired, Dorn revealed that he is a fan of South Park, and would've provided his voice for the episode had he been asked.
  • The negotiations over the phone, the cattle truck, and most of this episode (such as the part when Cartman was standing outside the front door ordering that the men step back) was a parody of the cult classic 1976 film Dog Day Afternoon.
  • The negotiator tells Cartman that he is "just a guy from Lakewood trying to make ends meet." Lakewood is a middle-class city near Denver.
  • Cartman has a nightmare about Uncle Jesse from the TV show Full House trying to molest him.


  • After telling Cartman several times not to (i.e. Death, Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut), Kyle himself calls his own mother a bitch.
  • This is the second time Cartman makes someone or something a cannibal, feeding a baby cow beef jerky. The first time was when he tricked an unknowing Scott Tenorman into eating his own parents, whom Cartman had made into chili, in "Scott Tenorman Must Die".
  • Cartman's catchphrase of "You're breaking my balls" returns.


  • When Stan unlocks the chain for one baby cow and moves on to another, the chain is back.
    • When the boys are talking at the entrance of the building, both of the chains unlocked by Stan are locked again.
  • After Stan complains about Butters having his arm around him, his shirt changes in the next shot.

Hidden Visitor(s)编辑

  • There is visitor on Butters' left side while Cartman is negotiating with Glen the negotiator. This is the only child visitor ever seen.
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