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There's a new girl in school and everyone wants to know who she has a crush on. Cartman is especially excited. He's discovered something inside himself that he never knew he had. Now, to make sure nobody gets in the way of true love, it's time for Cartman to finally let someone know exactly how he feels.


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Butters is seen running down the school hallways, screaming for the "fellas" attention. After obtaining this, he reveals that Larry Bartski told him that there is a new girl in school, who has joined the cheerleading squad. Cartman proclaims that they are not going to fight over her; he says they should let her choose who she likes.

The male fourth graders are crowding around the gymnasium, attempting to get a glimpse of the new girl, Nichole, who is cheerleading with Red, Wendy, Bebe, Lola, and Jenny. After noticing she is African American, Cartman congratulates Token, who angrily walks off. Cartman proclaims that Token must be shy.

Mr. Garrison is shown teaching Game of Thrones history to his class. Cartman, who is sitting in between Nichole and Token, attempts to get Token to talk to her, however, Token ignores him. Afterwards, in the hallways, Cartman, acting as Token's "messenger", tells Bebe and Red that Nichole should "make the first move" as Token is "shy".

Lola, Bebe, Nichole, Wendy, Red, and Jenny are shown playing "Living", a board game, at Bebe's house. Bebe and the other girls tell Nichole that Token likes her, however, she reveals that she likes Kyle. This angers Cartman, who is shown to be watching through a window. Sometime afterwards, the girls are once again cheerleading, however, Cartman interrupts them, and pulls Nichole to the side. Cartman tells her that he and Kyle are a couple. He claims that Kyle is embarrassed about it, hence why they do not act like a couple in public.

Nichole walks up to Kyle, saying that if he needs anyone to talk to, she is available. Kyle misunderstands, happily proclaiming that the "new girl is into [him]". Afterwards, Cartman speaks with Butters. He tells him to tell Nichole that the coach wants her to take some towels to the boy's locker room after P.E. class is over. Although confused, she agrees. Later, in the locker room, Cartman proclaims that the Batmobile is outside, resulting in all of the boys leaving the locker room, aside from Token, who is still showering.


While a song plays, the two are shown doing various activities together while Cartman spies on them. During this, Cartman plants a teddy bear on Nichole's houses' steps as well as Token's houses' steps. Kyle is shown walking through the hallways; all the girls he pass by begin smiling and whispering.

Afterwards, Cartman is seen watching Token push Nichole on the swing. Stan asks why he is so into their relationship. Cartman responds that he "doesn't know". Kyle then runs up to Cartman and pushes him over, asking him why he told everyone they were a couple. Cartman reveals that Kyle was "standing in the way" of Token and Nichole who "belong together". Kyle responds, saying that just because two people are the same race doesn't mean they belong together. After Kyle tells Cartman to tell everyone that they aren't a couple, Cartman shows him how happy Token and Nichole are. This causes Kyle to angrily walk off.

Nichole is seen eating dinner with her parents. After a brief discussion about Token, her father tells her that she shouldn't only date other black people. She says that her and Token being the same race is simply a coincidence. Later, Nichole is shown in her room, looking at the aforementioned teddy bear she presumes Token gave her. She looks at its dog tag, which says "To my boo" on one side and "'Cuz blacks belong together" on the other. She proclaims "Oh, no." Because of this, she breaks up with Token the next day.

Later, Cartman is crying over Token and Nichole's breakup. He is being comforted by Butters. After a brief discussion with Butters, Cartman, in a fit of rage, proceeds to beat Cupid Me, knocking him out.

Token is shown sitting on a bench in the park, still sad over his breakup. Kyle walks up to him and attempts to comfort him while subtly asking if Nichole is fully single. Token, still believing Kyle to be homosexual, walks off, telling Kyle he likes girls. Kyle angrily exclaims, "what the fuck!"

Cartman, after watching a laxative commercial, is inspired to try and get Nichole and Token back together. He opens a box containing Cupid Me, and, after some convincing words, Cupid Me agrees to help him. Later, he knocks on Nichole's door, asking to speak with her. However, her father reveals she went to a basketball game with a "nice white Jewish boy". Cartman begins to rush to the game. During this, Kyle and Nichole are shown at the game, watching Brad Paisley sing the national anthem, and, after this, the poster child for "Halitosis Kidz!" attempting to make a three-point shot.

Cartman arrives at the game and begins to broadcast himself over the "Megatron" screen in the center of the arena. He says that love is hard, saying that people have to work for it, regardless of what the people around them think. During this he proclaims his love for Kyle and begins to sing a duet with Brad Paisley. After the song is over, he tells everyone that the Batmobile is outside; this causes everyone, including the players, to leave the arena. During this, Token and Nichole run into each other. They reconcile their relationship, saying that they do not care about the stereotype that people of the same race belong together. After this, Cartman congratulates himself and Cupid Me. Cupid Me says that he found someone for him as well, the "Halitosis Kidz!" poster child, much to Eric's horror.

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