The South Park Mall is a collection of businesses in South Park. It was first featured in the short, "The Spirit of Christmas".

The Spirit of Christmas编辑

Jesus tells the boys to lead him to Santa who is at the mall where they proceed to have a fight.

"Quintuplets 2000"编辑

The boys show the quintuplets how great America is by showing them a variety of places, in which one of them is the mall.

"Something You Can Do with Your Finger"编辑

In this episode Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Wendy attempt to show the mall boss their act so they could perform there.

"Fat Butt and Pancake Head"编辑

Cartman and Jeniffer Lopez (Mitch Conner) go to the mall after Cartman wins the Latino Culture and gets $20 gift card.

"South Park is Gay!"编辑

The boys and men of South Park turn metrosexual and begin buying designer clothes and getting manicures and pedicures as well as being overly excited looking for sales at the various stores.

"Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset"编辑

Paris Hilton opens a new store entitled Stupid Spoiled Whore at the mall and begins the Stupid Spoiled Whore fad in South Park.

"Fantastic Easter Special"编辑

Stan Marsh attempts to find the answer to Easter by asking the Easter bunny at the mall.

"The Ungroundable"编辑

A Hot Topic opens up after a Banana Republic closes down. It starts the Vampire fad at the South Park Elementary until the Goth Kids burn it down out of spite for being called vamps like them.

"Black Friday"编辑

Randy Marsh gets a job as a mall security guard for the opportunity of being the first customer on the biggest retail sales day of the year, Black Friday.

"A Song of Ass and Fire"编辑

Following the death of Old Cap, Rand Marsh becomes the head security guard for the mall. As Black Friday approaches, the mall continues to offer better deals and, under a proposal by George R.R. Martin, postpones Black Friday by a week, guaranteeing a 96% off deal to the first 100 mall shoppers.

"Titties and Dragons"编辑

Black Friday officially begins, after George R.R. Martin is injured for trying to stall it, and the shoppers proceed to kill each other, as well as all the security guards except for Randy, leaving the entire mall covered in blood and bodies, while the boys buy their Xbox Ones from the EV Games in the mall.

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