Doctor Lout is an eye doctor in South Park who enjoys making fat jokes at Eric Cartman's expense. He appeared once in the Season Three episode, "The Succubus".


Doctor Lout is old in appearance, with wrinkles on his face and neck. He has grey hair and facial hair. He wears a doctor's lab coat with a pen in one of the pockets. He also wears a light brown shirt with a tie under his doctor's lab coat.


  • He produces incorrect results for Cartman, showing him any slides he deems funny. Despite Cartman's clear vision of all the slides, he says he still has something wrong with his eyes.
  • The Eye Doctor apparently has enough skill to take out a person's eyes and replace them with another person's, as he does so Cartman and Kenny, the latter being dead. There is no known real-life medical procedure capable of a transplant of this nature.
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