Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, also known as the comedy duo Cheech & Chong, voiced fictional versions of themselves pretending to be Cherokee herbalists in the Season Four episode, "Cherokee Hair Tampons".


Kyle is extremely sick, and Sheila turns to Miss Information for some holistic remedies. Touting them as Native-Americans, Miss Information introduces Cheech and Chong as 'Chief Running Pinto' and 'Carlos Ramirez'. The two sell their items, common junk, as holistic remedies.

Sheila, believing Cheech and Chong could help Kyle, take him to see them at Miss Information's store. Although they advised Sheila that Kyle needed a doctor, she still trusted them to do a good job. It was then the two admitted that Cheech and Chong were not really Native-American. After this revelation, the townsfolk become angry, and attack Miss Information, much to Cheech and Chong's pleasure.


Cheech wears blue jeans, a red tank top, and a red beanie. He has long, black hair and a long mustache.

Chong wears black pants, a white shirt, a denim vest, and a denim sweatband. He has short, black hair, a full beard, and a black mustache. He also wears gray glasses.


  • The episode served as a partial reunion of the two, although their voices were recorded separately: Chong recorded his lines at the South Park Studios, whereas Marin recorded his in San Francisco.


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