Nellie Stotch is Butters' aunt. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, Budd. Her only appearances are in "AWESOM-O" and "Britney's New Look".


She wears a pink, sleeveless button-up shirt, blue pants, and white shoes. She has wavy, blonde hair.


She is very kind, being very loving to Butters in "AWESOM-O". She is pretty much the only family member who is entirely kind to Butters.


Budd Stotch编辑

She is married to Budd Stotch, they have not been seen fighting, so it is assumed they have a fairly good marriage. She is oblivious to the fact that Budd molested Butters.

Butters Stotch编辑

She is Butters' aunt, it is assumed she loves him very much, judging by her reaction when he first arrived from the airport in "AWESOM-O".


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