克里斯托弗·里夫是Cristopher Reeve is an actor and activist for stem cell research. He appears in the episodes "Krazy Kripples" and "200".

背景 编辑

In "Krazy Kripples", Christopher Reeve comes to town to promote stem cell research. In order to 'cure' his quadriplegia, he is shown sucking the fluids out of fetuses from a medical bio-hazard container. With each fetus he sucks dry, Reeves becomes healthier and more dependent on them for his developing super human strength.

In a reversal of character, Reeve becomes the villain when stem cell research is banned, making Gene Hackman Hack-Man, who portrayed the villain Lex Luthor, his rival. He was eventually imprisoned by the passing of a law banning stem cell research in a manner similar to the end of the movie Superman II, trapped in a 2 dimensional Phantom Zone in outer space.

He makes another appearance in "200", as one of the celebrities suing South Park.

外观 编辑

Reeve appears to be confined to his electric wheelchair for the first part of "Krazy Kripples" and after having consumed many fetuses, he was able to walk towards the end of the episode. Reeve has gray hair and can be seen wearing a red collared shirt under a green sweater and blue pants.

冷知识 编辑

  • lReeve does not actually consume fetuses, nor is this a known form of stem cell treatment.
  • According to the DVD commentaries, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker had been developing the idea of a Christopher Reeve parody for several years, but were deterred from doing so due to its potentially contentious nature. However, they eventually decided to go through with it after seeing his appearance on Larry King Live, in which he espoused what they perceived to be an unwarranted sense of self-entitlement, especially in relation to those people who had been born with disabilities.
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