Queen Elizabeth II is the current head as the Britishmonarch, Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Matriarch of the British Royal Family. She appears briefly in "The Snuke". When she discovers that her warships have been sunk, she commits suicide with a handgun.

外观 编辑

She has gray hair, in a very unique style. She wears a white-spotted light blue dress, a jewel-studded tiara, gold (with a jewel in the middle) earrings, and a pearl necklace. She also wears a dark purple sash that has many medals pinned on it. She also has strangely thick, gray eyebrows.

性格 编辑

In South Park, she, along with the rest of the British, seem to hold grudges, trying to destroy America in "The Snuke" because of their "rebellion" (The American Revolution). The fact that she killed herself when she learned her plan failed could mean she is extremely patriotic.

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