Mr. Adams is a caseworker for Child Protective Services. He made his first appearance in "The Poor Kid".

背景 编辑

He was the caseworker for Kenny, Cartman, and presumably, the other children fostered by Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead. Although his aim was to send the children to a better environment than their current one, he realized that it was a mistake sending them to live with Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead, after seeing that one of the children had been water-boarded in The Punishment Room.

He reappeared in the episode "The City Part of Town" at the Whole Foods Market along with many rarely seen characters from previous seasons.

外观 编辑

Mr. Adams is a heavy set Caucasian male. He has a full, brown beard and mustache, and wears glasses. He wears olive colored slacks, a red dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a yellow-orange tie, and a plain black belt.

个性 编辑

He cares for the children whose cases he works although he is naive, trusting foster parents completely. He is softhearted and cheerful and he routinely like to tell jokes about the Penn State Scandal. When something happens that requires him to be assertive, he is, and when it's time to help the children, he becomes sincerely nice.

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