Adam Richard Sandler is an American actor and comedian. He was first mentioned in the Season Eight episode "AWESOM-O", and made his first appearance on South Park in the Season Fifteen episode "Funnybot".


Adam Sandler is mentioned in "AWESOM-O" when A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000 is giving out movie ideas to executives for future Adam movies.

In "You're Getting Old", an Adam Sandler movie trailer for "Jack and Jill" is seen at the Bijou Cinema. Stan Marsh goes to see this movie in "Ass Burgers". Even if he previously ridiculed the trailer of it, he enjoys it while under the influence of alcohol.

Adam Sandler makes an appearance as an angry comedian that holds the South Park Elementary hostage with other comedians in "Funnybot" for putting them out of work by the German built Funnybot.


Sandler is seen wearing a grey hoodie and a white 'NYC' (New York City) T-shirt, which is where he was born. He also wears blue jean-shorts and dark brown loafers. His facial hair is kept to a shaven stubble, including a mustache outline.


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