}Alec Baldwin is an American actor. He appeared in the Season Seventeen episode, "Let Go, Let Gov", where he endorsed and used the social media tool, Shitter. He also hosted a talk show on the MSNBC network called Free Pass with Alec Baldwin.


Alec Baldwin has combed gray hair and wears a navy business suit, which consists of a white shirt, navy pants, black shoes and a blue tie with light blue stripes. He is also missing both of his thumbs, which he cut off for apparently being homophobic.


He seems to be sexually obsessed, as he reveals that he had sex with Kim Basinger and possibly Jennifer Love Hewitt and had threesome with his brother and Daryl Hannah and always wants a "pussy sandwich".

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut编辑

Alec and his brothers were blown up by the Canadian Air force in retaliation to the arrest of comedy team Terrance and Phillip by the United States. This incident began the American-Canadian War over censorship issues.

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