Joe Gargery was a character created by Charles Dickens in his novel Great Expectations. He appears in an identical role in the episode "Pip".

Joe Gargery is Pip's brother-in-law. He is a blacksmith and is also the husband of Pip's hot-tempered adult sister.


He has an elongated face, a red nose and really bad teeth. He has brown hair, badly-kept stubble and hairy arms. He appears dressed in dark red overalls and brown shirt.


Pip Pirrip編輯

Joe has taken Pip on as his apprentice, and wishes to teach him in the trade of being a blacksmith. When the lawyer from London comes to take Pip to be a gentleman, he appears to be disappointed that Pip is leaving him to be a gentleman rather than a blacksmith, but appears genuinely happy for Pip, remarking that that Pip is "A young gentleman of great expectations!"

Mrs. Joe Gargery編輯

His short-tempered wife, Pip's grown sister, is dismissive towards him and his work, often being obnoxious and abusive towards him as well as disparagingly calling him things like "metal-pounding fairy".


  • 喬·蓋格瑞製作的東西之一是一隻金屬橙子,這可能是對安東尼·伯吉斯作品《發條橙》的參考,這本小說後來被改編成了一部電影,主演就是“皮普特輯”的解說員:馬爾科姆·麥克道爾。
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