Lisa Berger, formerly known as Lorraine, is a shy-looking girl who first appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Butterballs", where she is seen at the school assembly with Bucky Bailey's Bully Buckers.


During an assembly in the episode "Butterballs", the spokesperson for Bucky Bailey's Bully Buckers bullies her by asking if kids say things to her like "Nice pants, why do you wear them up to your tits?". Lisa also appeared in "Cartman Finds Love" in the background when Token Black was pushing his at-the-time girlfriend Nichole Daniels on the swing.

She was a prime focus in the Season Seventeen episode, "The Hobbit", where she is now named Lisa Berger.


Lisa has messy brown hair. She wears orange pants, a purple shirt, white socks, and black shoes. She also seems a bit overweight. Her pants are worn above the waist. She has freckles on her face and also wears yellow glasses.


Butters Stotch编辑

Lisa has a crush on Butters in "The Hobbit". While the other girls tease her for it, Wendy encourages her to confidentially ask him out. Taking her advice, Lisa approaches Butters in the cafeteria and asks him out to go see a movie. While Butters appreciates her kindness, he rejects her on grounds that he's turned off by her weight, much to Lisa's disappointment.

However, Butters later feels sorry for rejecting Lisa after seeing a photoshopped image of her class photo done by Wendy as a means to demonstrate the attractiveness methods that celebrities like Kim Kardashian use to affect the male population. As a result, he is eager to go out with Lisa and win her heart, only to find out that Clyde has started dating her, to Butters' jealousy.

Clyde Donovan编辑

After seeing a photoshopped image of Lisa going from overweight to beautiful, Clyde starts dating her, believing that her appearance actually transformed to how she's depicted in said photoshopped image. The two are shown to be rather appreciate of one another's company.

Wendy Testaburger编辑

Wendy appears to be great friends with Lisa, always willing to help her out in bad situations and defend her from those picking on her. They first interact in "The Hobbit", when they are part of the South Park Cows Cheerleading Squad. As the girls announce their names while doing Cheer Squad roll call, Lisa's voice comes out quietly and shyly as opposed to the other girl's. This leads the girls to being dissatisfied with her presence and demanding that they do one without Lisa.

Wendy defends her, boosting her self-esteem by encouraging her show off her sassiness to boys. The other girls reveal that Lisa has a crush on Butters and start teasing her because of it. Angered from their bullying, Wendy advises her to ask him out. After Butters rejects her, Wendy angrily confronts him, stating that Lisa is very nice and therefore he should care more about her personality rather than her appearance.

However, she later angrily calls Lisa "ugly and fat" after Butters excessively goes on about how hot he finds her after viewing the photoshopped image Wendy made of her, though she feels regretful for saying so after realizing that Lisa heard what she said.


South Park: The Stick of Truth编辑

Lisa can be seen in South Park: The Stick of Truth leaving detention after Douchebag opens the door, but she doesn't appear elsewhere and cannot be befriended.

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