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  • Cartman and Kenny do not appear in this episode, and Kyle only has a very minor part. This is also the first time Kenny has been absent for two consecutive episodes.
  • This episode is Butters' first major role in the entire series.
  • This episode is the first appearance of Dougie.
  • Chef's song "Stinky Britches" from "Chef Aid" is playing on the stereo when guests arrive to Mr. Mackey's party.
  • All the guys at the party want to kick the ass of Randy's "friend" who watched another guy masturbate yet later in the episode they all admit to having done it before.
  • An instrumental of Cartman's Wild Wild West song in "Cat Orgy" can be heard in the background music of the party.
  • The same song from "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" can briefly be heard playing in the house during the scene where Gerald and Randy get in the hot tub.
  • As Stan flips through the channels on Mr. Mackey's television, the Beefcake commercial from "Weight Gain 4000" can briefly be seen.
  • Throughout this episode, Randy refers to Gerald as Jerry, this is the only time he calls him this.
  • Butters' name is finalized in this episode. Prior, he was referred to as "Swanson" in "Conjoined Fetus Lady".
  • This is the first episode not to feature Cartman.

References to Popular Culture编辑

  • Stan refers to Pip, Butters, and Dougie as "Melvins", which is slang for really lame people.
  • According to Pip, one of the steps of playing Wickershams and Ducklers involves singing the merry tune of Stratford. It's likely a reference to Stratford, England.
  • Dougie and Pip want Stan to play Charlie's Angels; A Crime detective show that aired originally from 1976-1981.
  • Mr. Mackey's house is surrounded by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), a department that regulates the listed controlled substances/weapons in the United States. In 2001 they were renamed The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
  • The ATF is worried that Mackey's party is really a meeting of a religious cult that is plotting to commit suicide during the meteor shower. This is a reference to the Heaven's Gate religious cult and the 1997 Hale-Bop comet passing.
  • Jimbo is having a conversation about Football with two burley guys. Here's a break down of what they are talking about:
    • Jimbo mentions that they don't have Elway that year: This is referencing the fact that John Elway had left the Denver Bronocs, he played his last game with the team in 1998.
    • He also mentions how Brister won every game he played for with the team. This is in reference to Bubby Brister who joined the Bronco's in 1997.
    • The Blond man who thinks the New York Jets are the team to beat in the American Football Conference of the NFL.
  • There is a painting of The Scream above the bed in the room with the T.V.
  • The Mole from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut appears on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show while Stan is channel surfing on Mr. Mackey's T.V.
  • The ATF members liken their reaction to 'how they dealt with things in Waco'. This is a reference to the Waco Siege where the ATF launched against the Branch Davidian led by David Koresh on February 28, 1993. Before the final assault, the ATF played music amongst other sound to sleep-deprive the inhabitants.
  • They play the "latest album" by the musician Cher. The song they play is a parody of Cher's 1998 chart-topper Believe which was released on November 24, 1998. At the time this episode aired it was still ranking high in the charts.
  • This episode jokingly anticipated Ricky Martin was gay. His song Livin' la Vida Loca was popular at the time this episode aired on TV. Ten years after this episode originally aired, he officially stated that he was gay on his own website.
  • Pip states that he learned archery when he lived in Staffordshire, which is a county in the West Midlands region of England.


  • This is the second episode of the meteor shower story arc.
    • Liane Cartman is shown talking on the phone, referencing the events of "Cat Orgy".


  • When Stan is jamming the doorknob in the basement trying to get out at the beginning of the episode, the doorknob is lower than a few shots before.
  • The pocket on Randy's shirt alternates which side it is on when he goes to talk to Sharon halfway through the episode. This is only in two shots, however.
  • Stan mistakenly refers to Butters as "Butter" just before Butters goes to give the tape to the reporter.
  • When Pip's wondering what mission they'll do, his right arm seems to be disconnected from his shoulder; he's holding his "real" right arm down.
  • When the people exiting the party get shot, there is no blood.
  • Stan and Pip alternate positions between camera shots, when Butters attempts to inform the parents about the ATF.
  • When Gerald is shown in the hot tub holding a cigar, there is some orange on the edges of his yamukah. All of the other times that he is shown in the episode the edges are just green.
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