丑孩子是出现在“名单风波”的一群孩子。出于他们的丑陋性质,他们被从主流 Due to their ugliness, they are ostracized from the general community and do not interact with the other children in the school. They were instead forced to sit together at one table at lunchtime.


After Kyle found out that he was placed very last on the girls' list of boys from cutest to ugliest, he decided to sit with the ugly kids at lunchtime. As Kyle sat with them, Jamal confessed his hatred of the school, and said he longed to burn it right to the ground. Kyle had the idea that they weren't really ugly and that they just weren't portraying themselves correctly - but he soon found out he was wrong.

That night, Stan and Wendy asked Jamal where Kyle was, and he explained that he was going to burn down the school. Jamal plays a slightly larger role, as when Abraham Lincoln shows Kyle the positives of not being attractive, he takes him to Jamal's house were he is seen playing the piano through the window. Lincoln tells Kyle that because Jamal is not attractive, he must work hard to earn what attractive people get simply because of how they look, giving him character.

In the deleted scenes during the end credits, Cartman joins the group after finding out that it was in fact him who was placed last on the list.


The Pickle Kid编辑

He has an overly large forehead similar to Timmy's. His favorite food is evidently pickles. He loves them so much that he constantly feels compelled to ask others if they are going to eat theirs. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the pickle kid is the way he chews. He chews his food in a slow and awkward fashion, moving his jaw in a circular motion (which is very unlike how most other characters are shown chewing). In the deleted scene from the episode, he steals Eric Cartman's pickle right off of his plate. He has a low and raspy voice that sounds dim and unintelligent. His voice also has a minor nasal quality similar to Craig or Clyde's. He was voiced by Trey Parker.


Jamal has a slightly squashed toad-like face, black hair, big ears and no visible nose. He had a particular hatred for the school and even inspires Kyle (who was led to believe he was ranked ugliest in his class) to commit arson and burn down the school. He is a good pianist and the only named ugly kid. He speaks with a rhotacism, which prevents him from sounding his Rs, shown in his inability to say 'angry' and 'ground," the words come out as 'angwy' and 'gwound'. Ironically, "Jamal" is the Arabic word for "Beautiful". He was voiced by Matt Stone.

Small-Eyed Kid编辑

She has long, curly brown hair and glasses that make her eyes seem huge. However, when Kyle tries to take them off, they reveal that she has two tiny dots for eyes. After seeing this, Kyle hurriedly puts the glasses back on. She also has ugly teeth that seem oddly spaced and angled when she smiles. She has a noticeable unibrow, and either a bad case of freckles or acne on her cheeks. She sports a pink sweater with green and yellow flowers on it.

High-Mouthed Girl编辑

She has a mouth that is incredibly high up on her face (though not above her nose) and long blonde hair tied up into a ponytail. She has an unusually deep voice. She was voiced by Trey Parker.

Askew Face Kid编辑

He is a brown haired boy with a face that's askew and is the tallest of the ugly kids, implying that he may be a 6th Grader. He is the first to greet Kyle when he joins them. He is the first to greet Kyle when he joins them. He was voiced by Matt Stone.

Additional Members编辑

Kyle Broflovski编辑

Main Article: Kyle Broflovski

After the girls voted Kyle the ugliest of the boys in their fourth grade class, he was forced to sit with the other, already-deemed ugly children at lunchtime, and hang out with them at recess. When the girls' list was proven to be a fraud, and the real list revealed that Kyle was not the ugliest of the boys, he was overjoyed at not having to hang out with the ugly kids anymore.


在一段In an additional ending to the episode that was removed following the initial broadcast, after Kyle, Stan, and Wendy burned the list so Kyle would never find out his true ranking, Wendy quickly glanced at the bottom of the list, and found that the ugliest boy was actually Cartman. To Cartman's dismay, he was then condemned to sit with the ugly kids, while others, notably Butters Stotch, mocked him for it. Cartman attempted to claim that his looks didn't bother him, but that what was important was how he was on the inside. Realizing what he said, and unable to deny what a horrible person he is, Cartman dropped his head against the table in shame.


  • "名单风波" - The Ugly Kids' first appearance. Kyle starts hanging out with them, after being voted the ugliest kid in class.
  • "黑色星期五" - They join the PlayStation 4 army.
  • "屁与火之歌" - Seen in the PlayStation 4 army.


  • 尽管提米和吉米明显也拥有丑孩子们的Although Timmy and Jimmy have irregular features like the ugly kids, neither of them are considered to be ugly. On the girls' list, they were placed at 13th and 10th place, respectively, though due to the list's known falsification, this is likely to be an inaccurate representation.
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