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Zytar is the leader of an alien group that tries to take over the world, as well as the inventor of Towelie and GS-401. He appears in Season Five episode "Towelie".


Some aliens target Earth as their new habitat because their home planet is dying. Before the hostile takeover, a vanguard, led by Zytar, is sent to Earth. Pretending to be a high-tech corporation called Tynacorp that manufactures smart towels, they actually spy on humans in order to see how human beings live. Their activities remain undercover, despite being suspected by a resistance group.

Zytar decides to get rid of the resistance group as he comes up with a very deliberate plan. He takes away the boys' Okama Gamesphere and leads them to Tynacorp, bringing Towelie back at the same time. Then he takes advantage of the boys by lying to them that the resistance group is the bad guys. After that, he sends Towelie and the boys to their base. He ultimately plans to activate Towelie's self-destruction sequence after the boys sneak into the base, but fails.

As his plan goes unfold, he has no choice but to release GS-401. The resistance group breaks into Tynacorp and starts a fierce fight, during which an encryption disk is inserted to his computer causing the whole building to blow up, killing Zytar.


Human (Disguise)

Zytar masks himself in disguise form. He looks like an old scientific researcher at Tynacorp, wearing a white gown with blue suits underneath. He has white hair, gentle wrinkles, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He rides a scooter instead of walking. His fake identity is Gary, shown on his work card.

Alien (Prototype)

When unmasked Zytar can be easily identified as an alien. He has chin barbels and gills, similar to a catfish. He also has six eyes, four dermal plates on his neck, and human-like teeth. His skin color is lime green. In alien form, he speaks in a digitally altered voice. His body remains the same and he still rides his scooter.


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