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The Zarganor was an enemy of Mintberry Crunch which appeared in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. He was a slave in Crunch's family's berry mines on their home planet, before he escaped and sought revenge.


The Zarganor and his parents were forced to pick cotton berries in Mintberry Crunch's family's berry mines on the planet Kokujon. Developing a bitter hatred for his enslavers, the Zarganor eventually escaped from Kokujon and started hunting down Mintberry Crunch, seeking revenge.

In the Bring the Crunch DLC, the Zarganor tracked Mintberry Crunch to Lake Tardicaca, on Earth. He kidnapped the last surviving camp counselor, as he could see that Crunch needed her. He then mind-controlled Doctor Timothy, to trick the the New Kid into stealing skim milk – Crunch's kryptonite – from the mess hall, for him.

He then took over the minds of Nathan and Mimsy, and sent them to kill Crunch, as well as Jimmy, Butters, and the New Kid. He took part in the fight himself as well, using his powers to make milk monsters to attack the kids. When the battle took a turn for the worse for him, the Zarganor forced the brainwashed Doctor Timothy to use his incredible mind powers against his friends.

The Zarganor was ultimately defeated and killed in the battle, releasing Doctor Timothy, Nathan, and Mimsy from his mind control.


The Zarganor is depicted as the goo (milk) alien, he has four noticeable nipples on top of his head. His skin is lustrous, and lime. He has big blood-shot eyes and huge sharp teeth, which makes him look more vicious. There is also a diamond-like organ on his forehead, where his psychic waves come from. He speaks in a very low voice.


  • Zarganor's reality warp power reaches beyond the gaming world and alters the gaming system, as it even bends the pause menu.