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YouToob is a video sharing website. It is an obvious parody of YouTube, which is also a video sharing website. It was featured in the Season Twelve episode, "Canada on Strike".


The boys try and raise money for Canada only for the purpose of getting new Terrance and Phillip episodes. They believe by making a viral of Butters Stotch performing a replica of Samwell's popular video "What, What In the Butt" will earn them money. The popularity of the video does not see any profits being made, they travel to the Canadian Department of Internet Money to find out why.

In the waiting room, other internet viral video personalities are waiting for their theoretical payments as well. These include; Afro Ninja, Tay Zonday, Sneezing Panda, Dramatic Look Gopher, Laughing Baby, Chris Crocker, Gary Brolsma aka Numa Numa, Tron Guy, and Star Wars Kid.

The internet personalities are shown to be self-centered, greedy and quick to violence. They all kill each other in the waiting room to get to the head of the line. When Butters is the only one left, persuably next to the laughing baby, who was not shown to be killed, to claim the ten million theoretical dollars. However, the Theoretical money is worthless, and cannot be used as real money.

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