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Yentl Cartman is a minor character who is married to Eric Cartman and appears in South Park: Post Covid.


In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, she is the wife of Cartman. She joins Cartman in attending Kenny's funeral. Upon breaking of news that Kenny had died of a new COVID-19 variant, Yentl is seen panicking along with the rest of the attendees.

Following a lockdown in South Park, the Cartman family requested to stay in Kyle's house. On the night, Cartman and Yentl make love with one another, but was disrupted by an annoyed Kyle, who then reveals to Yentl about an incident where Cartman intentionally gave Kyle AIDS, much to Yentl's horror.

Later, while Kyle and Tolkien were discussing Kenny's death, both Cartman and Yentl are making out in front of Kyle. Much to his annoyance, their children started to slur at Kyle, shocking Cartman and Yentl.

During South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, she arrives at the South Park Church with her family to find help from Priest Scott to stop Kyle from time traveling, meaning that Cartman and Yentl will never meet. Yentl wishes that this could never happen to their family and Cartman promises to stop him from going back in time, and they kiss.

Yentl and her family come down from the basement of the church, stopping the fight with Cartman and Kyle. She hears about what Cartman tried to do with his plan to kill Kyle's younger self, leaving her upset. She then speaks to him that he was once noble and kind before the outbreak and that he does not have to go this way to never lose her.


Yentl has long, wavy brown hair with gray highlights, and that is parted on her right. She wears a blue coat over a blue shirt with light blue trim, a dark-gray skirt, a black belt, gray pantyhose, and black Mary-janes. She also wears black glasses, gold earrings, two gold and white rings, a golden bracelet, a gold necklace with a charm of the Star of David, and a crystal shard of a Hamsa on a silver necklace.

In South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, she wore a magenta hood with pink flower detail.


  • Her name appears to be a reference to the film Yentl.
  • Her model is reused in South Park: Joining the Panderverse, in which she has brown skin, a magenta coat over a green shirt, and a dark red skirt. She is missing all her jewelry, with the exception of her crystal necklace.