Xi Jinping is the current General Secretary of Chinese Communist Party and President of China, who appears in the Season Nineteen episode "Tweek x Craig" and in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Band in China".


He Appears first in the episode "Tweek x Craig", when Randy Marsh calls him asking how Asians choose who is gay or who is not, to which Jinping responds angrily that this is from Japan and gets angry with them because he doesn't they have apologized to China.

He appears again in "Doubling Down" when Herbert Garrison asks how his approval rating is going.

He reappears in the episode "Band in China", when Mickey Mouse tries to convince him that the Chinese should buy Randy's Tegridy weed, but he doesn't listen to it since he's still angry that they compare it to Winnie the Pooh, which causes Randy kills him, getting China to have "Tegridy."


Xi Jinping wears a black suit with a red tie and black shoes, has black hair and combed back.


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