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The Wrestling Tryout Participants appear in the Season Thirteen episode, "W.T.F.".


Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny were discussing how Jimmy, Butters and Tolkien were "bad fighters" and without talent, so they decide to hire someone better to do the toughest roles and leave Jimmy, Butters and Token with the easiest roles.

They call seven wrestlers to see which one has the most talent to get hired. Cartman calls participants 17, 24, and 37 to see how they performed in their lines. After number 37 tells his story and sings a song about how he wanted to be a wrestler, the boys are surprised by his talent and hire him to act as Irene's baby.


Number 37


Participant number 37 has brown hair combed with a bowl cut, large brown eyebrows and wears a green shirt with sleeves going up to his elbow, a gray unbuttoned vest, a brown necklace, dark blue jeans and gray shoes. When Cartman asked him to get to know him better, he said he was born in Fort Collins and started to enjoy wrestling at the age of four, he also says that his father, who also liked wrestling, had passed away and that it was for him that he wanted to be a wrestler. He then sings a song about how he always wanted to be a wrestler, which surprised the boys. So they hire him to act as Irene's baby during the performance. He was not seen or mentioned after that scene.

Number 24


Participant number 24 has short black hair, thick black eyebrows and wears a black sleeveless shirt, dark blue jeans and white tennis shoes. The boys apparently liked his performance, saying he was a great wrestler.

Number 17


Participant number 17 has dark brown hair, dark brown mustache and beard, big ears and wears a blue shirt with white details with short sleeves, bluish black pants and black shoes. Apparently Cartman did not like his performance.

Number 7


Participant number 7 has combed black hair and big ears who wears a gray shirt under a dark gray sweater, gray pants and black shoes.

Number 12


Participant number 12 has combed brown hair who wears a white collar shirt under a black shirt with sleeves up, black pants and black shoes.

Number 13


Participant number 13 has combed blond hair who wears a white shirt with short sleeves, light blue pants and black shoes.

Number 18


Participant number 18 has long black hair who wears a white collar shirt and red tie under a brown vest, gray pants and black shoes.


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