Wresting Takedown Federation was a backyard wrestling league created by the boys in the Season Thirteen episode, "W.T.F.".


The boys are inspired to take up the sport of wrestling after seeing a W.W.E event at the Pepsi Center in Denver. They sign up for the wrestling class at South Park Elementary, but decide it is boring and "gay", for not being as exciting as the what they saw the previous night.

The W.T.F. becomes popular by using scripts and drama with little actual wrestling. The local townsfolk believe their wrestling is real, which angers the wrestling coach Mr. Conners, who prefers the traditional style of the sport.

He attempts to assassinate Vince McMahon, president of the W.W.E., during his visit to the last W.T.F. event with an RPG missile, but kills El Pollo Loco by mistake. Mr. Conners then enters the ring and delivers a dramatic monologue to the audience about his love for wrestling.

In the end Vince McMahon hires Mr. Conners calling him the most talented wrestler he has seen in years.

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