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The Wrestling Audition Song was sung at the W.T.F. tryouts in the Season Thirteen episode, "W.T.F.".


Eric Cartman decides to hold auditions for better wrestlers, so he can impress W.W.E. president Vince McMahon at the next W.T.F. performance. A wrestler only known by his audition number of 37, performs a monologue and gets the job as Irene's aborted baby during the next show.

The song is set to music from A Chorus Line, "Nothing."


All my life, all I ever wanted was to be a wrestler
Fighting in the ring,
Winning that belt.
And so I dreamed every night that I was the Undertaker
Smashing skulls in,
Breaking arms.
But I'm so full of doubt this is something I can do.
Do I have what it takes inside?—

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