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"World Wide Recorder Concert"
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Episode no. Season 3
Episode 17
Production no. 317
Original airdate January 12, 2000
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"World Wide Recorder Concert" (also known as “The Brown Note” and ''The Brown Noise'') is the seventeenth and final episode of Season Three, and the 48th overall episode of South Park. It aired on January 12, 2000.[1]


The children of South Park are invited to Arkansas for the "Four Million Child Blow 2000", the first worldwide recorder concert.[1]


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Plot details follow.

In Mr. Garrison's class, the students practise for the world's biggest recorder concert but sound appalling. Mr. Mackey then enters and explains the location will not be in Oklahoma due to a terrible flood, but in Arkansas. Garrison explains he cannot go, he tells Mackey that is where his parents live. Mackey asks if Garrison received sexual abuse as a child, to which Garrison breaks into tears and runs out the classroom. Everyone is puzzled by his strange reaction.

On the bus ride there, Cartman tries to find the brown noise with the help of Kenny being his test subject. Stan and Kyle ask what it is and Cartman replies by saying that it was tested for during World War II and could make anybody who hears it crap their pants. Kyle does not believe Cartman.

Meanwhile, Garrison freaks out as they enter Arkansas. Mackey tries to console him, but Mr. Hat explains Garrison can't speak. Mackey explains Garrison is using Mr. Hat to cover up and that he has switched personalities. Mr. Hat then replies "You figured that all out by yourself Sherlock? Monkeys make better counselors!" Upon hearing this, Mackey is infuriated and gets into a fight with Mr. Hat in the passageway of the bus, to the anger of Ms. Crabtree. Mr. Hat wins, with Mr. Mackey receiving minor injuries.

As they get off the bus, third graders from New York insult them and call them rednecks and queefs. The boys do not know what the latter means which causes the New Yorkers to laugh at them again. The boys vow to get revenge on them. When they get to their hotel, Stan and Kyle try to figure out what queef means while Cartman finds the definition of the brown noise within a dictionary.

Garrison visits his parents' house and ends up reducing his mother to tears revealing that his father never sexually abused him. His father is extremely confused why his son would be upset about this.

The next day, the concert organizers, Yoko Ono and Kenny G address everyone. Stan and Kyle come to a conclusion that queef is a made up word, and they decide to do the same to the New Yorkers, so when they ask the New Yorkers if they know what it means, and the New Yorkers reply "yes" then they can reveal that they do not because they made up the word. After some discussion they use Cartman's idea: mung.

However the boys are shocked to discover that mung is a real word after being told and humiliated again by the New Yorkers. They are all mad at Cartman.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mackey talks to Mr. Garrison Senior about his son's condition. When Garrison Senior reveals why his son is upset, Mackey is also shocked. He then says that there comes a time in every father's life when they must know how far they will go for their child.

That night, Cartman finally finds the legendary "brown noise" and tests it on Kenny, who loses bowel control and craps in his pants. Stan and Kyle figure that if they put this in the New York kids' music then all the New Yorkers will crap their pants. They change music sheet pasted on the New Yorkers' room door. However, one of the organizers sees this believes Yoko Ono has changed the music again and gets this "new revision" distributed to everyone.

At the Garrisons', Mr. Garrison goes to bed depressed. Mr. Garrison Senior is also frustrated by his son's situation so he goes to the bar to throw his troubles behind. His drinking buddies ask him why he is upset, he tells them the truth and asks for advice, but no one takes him seriously. He simply leaves after everyone turns it into a joke.

Later, someone enters Mr. Garrison's bedroom and has sex with him. Garrison thinks it is his father. The next morning, Garrison leaves happily thanking his parents, preparing for the concert. His mother is pleased with his father, who had secretly hired Kenny G for the job.

At the concert, the boys look in horror as they discover the "brown noise" is in everyone's music, and despite their efforts they fail to stop the concert, everyone plays the note. The whole world suffered the effects of the concert, and some (like Kenny) even died for pooping too hard. No one but the New Yorkers find out the cause, and they eventually admit that they think the boys are pretty cool for what they did, and then bid them farewell.

The boys are still wondering about what queef means and Mr. Mackey explains it as he walks past. With everyone on board the school bus, Garrison gives Ms. Crabtree the directions for the journey home.


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