Woodsy Owl is a mascot. His only appearance was in the episode "Insheeption".


Woodsy appears in the episode "Insheeption", where he is in Mr. Mackey's dream about his childhood. He first appears in Mr. Mackey's class on their field trip to remind them to "Please pick up your trash and keep our forests clean!" to which he then sings a small song.

He later reappears when Mackey, who is trying to see what actually traumatized him on that day, opens up a small cabin door revealing Woodsy molesting him. Seconds later, the bad dream begins to manifest itself and Woodsy's eyes turn an evil red. He charges at the cast of the movie "Inception"[2] and seconds later, he is killed by Freddy Krueger. During his rampage, Woodsy kills the sheep herder.


Woodsy Owl is an adult in an outfit that looks like an owl, with green pants and a green hat with a purple feather in it. He also has a belt that has the letter "W" on it.


He is a pedophile, as evidenced by the fact that he molested Mr. Mackey in "Insheeption".


  • Woodsy Owl is a real mascot for the United States Forest Service.[3]
  • Woodsy Owl's catchphrase is "Give a Hoot! Don't Pollute."


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