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The Woodland Critters are deceptively cute, but truly evil satanic animals imagined by Eric Cartman, as shown in the episode "Woodland Critter Christmas".


"Woodland Critter Christmas"

They are a group of Satan-worshiping woodland animals created by Cartman in a Christmas story for a class assignment. Though they appear friendly, they can manifest "evil Satanic powers", such as the ability to conjure hellfire and demons. They originally appeared in "Woodland Critter Christmas", in which they attempted to bring about the birth of the Anti-Christ so that Satan can rule the world, but are ultimately killed by Santa Claus when he shoots them with a shotgun. However, this story in itself was an "imaginary" one, and did not actually occur in the "real world" of the story.

The twelve critters are: Squirrely the Squirrel, Rabbity the Rabbit, Beavery the Beaver, Beary the Bear, Porcupiney the Porcupine, Skunky the Skunk, Foxy the Fox, Deery the Deer, Woodpeckery the Woodpecker, Mousey the Mouse, Raccoony the Raccoon and Chickadee-y the Chickadee.

Most of the critters also have their own catchphrase or verbal tic; Squirrely's "now don't be down, y'all", Mousey's "I deduce", Beary's "but we got to -" and Chickadee-y's repeating of the last few words of her statements.


In the eleventh season story arc "Imaginationland", they appeared in reality. Because they were made up by Cartman they actually exist in the evil realm of Imaginationland, and were freed when terrorists destroyed the barrier separating the benevolent imaginary characters from the evil ones. In one scene, in which other famous villains such as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees argue as to what to do with a captured Strawberry Shortcake, the Critters actually disturb the other villains with their grotesque suggestions on how to mutilate, torture and kill Shortcake, with Jason Voorhees saying, "Man, I do not want to meet the kid that dreamt those things up." The Critters also raped (and presumably killed) a squad of American soldiers led by Kurt Russell that crossed into Imaginationland. They managed to make a Tron Soldier's head explode, they also attacked and gangraped Popeye in the final battle, but did not manage to kill him. They were eventually all put back behind the barrier to Evil Imaginationland along with the rest of the evil imaginary characters after Butters used his imagination to restore Imaginationland back to the way it was before the terrorist attack.


The Woodland Critters are deceptively cute. They all have bulgy, shiny eyes. They also wear either colorful scarves, sweaters, or hats.

Squirrely the Squirrel


Small in stature, with a big round head, and short little arms, Squirrely has light, taupe-colored fur, with spots of pale green on his belly, under his tail, and right above his dark red eyes. Around his neck, Squirrely wears a bright red scarf. He speaks in a soft, welcoming voice that is incredibly misleading. He also bears a strong southern accent.

Beary the Bear


Large, pudgy, and round, Beary outweighs the other woodland critters. He has thick, dark brown fur, and light brown spots on his snout, and below his brows. He has big, uneven teeth, and stubby claws. He wears a striped red and green winter hat with a single puff ball at the end.

Beavery the Beaver


Beavery has brown fur, and spots of tan on his stomach, and around his eyes. He has big front teeth, and a flat black tail, and toes. He wears a blue winter hat, and gloves. He is a little plump.

Chickadee-y the Chickadee


A tiny little bird with a short blue beak, and scrawny legs. Chickadee-y has black feathers, streaks of white on his cheeks, and a round yellow belly. He wears a red and green tie, and is the smallest of the Woodland Critters.

Deery the Deer


Deery is a tall, female deer with orange-brown fur, lanky long legs, brown eyes, cream patches around her eyes, mouth and cream fur that reaches from her neck to her stomach or her tail. She has a small tuft of brown fur on top of her head and she wears a pink scarf. Her hooves are grey, and she speaks in a calm voice.

Foxy the Fox


Foxy is a small orange fox who wears a green sweater, has black ears, feet and paws, a white stomach and a portion of white near her jawline and a big bushy tail, and has green eyes. Her voice has the feel of excitement to it, and she has more of an accent.

Mousey the Mouse


A tiny little brown field mouse who wears large glasses, has a red stomach, brown eyes, a green buttoned jacket and light brown-cream patches around his eyes.

Porcupiney the Porcupine


A medium-sized female Porcupine with grey and brown fur, light grey and brown quills, and a long piece of blue cloth tied around her forehead that reaches to her waist. She has light blue eyes, thick eyelashes, and due to being pregnant with the Anti-Christ, she had a temporary baby bump.

Rabbity the Rabbit


A small-medium-sized Rabbit with grey fur, white-cream patches near his eyes and stomach, long fluffy ears that lop downward, a small grey fluffy tail, light blue eyes and he wears a red pom-pom hat. After happily being sacrifed, he has a cut in his stomach, revealing his organs that most of which were torn out by the other critters.

Raccoony the Raccoon


Raccoony is medium-sized, has dark brown fur, a lighter coffee brown on his belly, white around his muzzle, black ears, paws and feet, a small white tuft on top of his head, a big nose, a striped light coffee and black tail, brown eyes and a black and white "mask". He wears a dark green scarf.

Skunky the Skunk


Skunky is a small-medium little Skunk with a long white stripe coming down his forehead and reaching to his nose, a white stomach, and a bushy black and white striped tail. He wears a blue sweater and little red gloves. He has green eyes.

Woodpeckery the Woodpecker


A small Woodpecker with light coffee brown feathers, a red stomach, a cream-yellow pointed beak, small skinny grey legs, a portion of red around her face and dark olive patches around her brown eyes. She wears blue earmuffs.


They act strangely optimistic and childlike, despite being evil. They also seem to enjoy guro, evidenced by the fact that they had a blood orgy after sacrificing Rabbity the Rabbit in "Woodland Critter Christmas". They also seem to enjoy watching others suffer. They wanted to torture Strawberry Shortcake before killing her in Imaginationland.


Most likely as a result of satanic rituals and pacts, the critters have been shown to have powerful, but evil magical powers. This includes summoning hellfire, demons and harming oppopents with dark magical spells.


Stan Marsh

They originally befriended Stan, but only to manipulate him into killing the Mountain Lion Cubs' mother. After Stan realized they were Satan-worshippers, he tried to stop them, leading to them becoming enemies.

Kyle Broflovski

They befriended Kyle, and made him a host for the Anti-Christ, before being stopped by Santa Claus.


Video Games

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

The Woodland Critters appear as enemies in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!. The critters are faster than the other enemies of the game and tend to deal between nine and eleven damage to players' towers. They are weak against fiery-works towers.

South Park: Tenorman's Revenge

The Woodland Critters appear as enemies in South Park: Tenorman's Revenge. They appear during the Hell level.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

The Woodland Critters appear as non-player characters in South Park: The Stick of Truth. They can be found in a clearing in the Lost Forest next to a large Christmas tree, and ask the player to accept Satan as their one true lord. When the player does, all 12 critters friend him on Facebook.

Facebook Messages

Beary facebook message.png Chickadee-y facebook message.png

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The Woodland Critters appear as a boss battle in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. They appear outside of Freeman's Tacos after traveling to the future, where they try to kill the New Kid to claim the bounty Mayor Conner has placed on their head. Only Beary, Deery, Foxy, Beavery, Raccoony, and Porcupiney take part in the battle, with the others (excluding Squirrely) in the background surrounding a satanic altar. Eventually, Santa is summoned to battle where he fights alongside the New Kid's team against the Woodland Critters, and in response, Rabbity sacrifices himself to make the other Critters stronger. The New Kid receives the "Festive Verse" artifact for defeating them, and they don't appear in the game again.

Danger Deck

Most of The Woodland Critters appear as enemies during The Danger Deck challenges, teaming up with other enemies:

  • Deery teams up with one of Jared's aides, two police officers, Sheila, and Professor Chaos riding his Mini Supreme during the "Stand your Ground" challenge.
  • Two Beary's team up with a redneck, a Therapy Kid, a Dead Flinger Chaos Minion and a cook during the "Dead and Beary'd" challenge.
  • Beavery and Raccony team up with Porcupiney and three copies of Father McManus in the "Beasts n' Priests" challenge.
  • Porcupiney appears on two occasions. First she appears during the "Beasts n' Priests" challenge with the previously mentioned enemies, and during the "Heavy Hitters Challennge", teaming up with Professor Chaos riding his Mini Supreme, King Crab, Red Wine Drunk Randy, Almighty King Douchebag, and Detective Yates.


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