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  • The Woodland Critters reappear in "Imaginationland, Episode II"
  • The mountain, where the lion and its cubs live, looks just like the K-13 from the episode "Asspen".
  • Kenny had no lines in this episode and outside of the story, Stan only had one line.
  • This episode is Uncensored on Blu-Ray which was released December 2017.
  • The episode has special bumpers, announcing it to be "A Woodland Critter Christmas," with Squirrely then saying in a cheerful voice, "Hail Satan!"
  • According to this episode's mini-commentary, this episode was one of the most difficult to make. After making the feature film Team America and the 13 other episodes in the 8th season in the same year (a year which Trey Parker and Matt Stone describe as "The Year from Hell"), Parker, Stone and the show's other writers were completely drained of ideas. The staff tried to come up with an idea, but nothing came up through Thursday and Friday which is considered a huge drawback with South Park's rushed production. On Saturday afternoon the staff decided to use the idea of spoofing John Denver's Critter Christmas holiday special, which had been in gestation for some time. With some doubt, the show developed into an episode involving a rhyming narration and ending with it being a story by Cartman; the creators ended up quite satisfied with it.

References to Popular Culture

  • The character designs of the woodland critters is a spoof the overly cute look of animals from the stop motion Rankin/Bass holiday specials of the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Initially, the animals claim Porcupiny was a virgin when the Savior was conceived; later they claim Satan had sex with her to conceive the Antichrist. They also refer to the conception as "immaculate", confusing the Immaculate Conception of Mary with Jesus' Virgin Birth.
  • According to the South Park commentary with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the blood orgy is a reference to the science fiction film Event Horizon.
  • In the blood orgy scene celebrating Porcupiny's pregnancy and the death of the Mountain Lion, the critters sacrifice Rabbitty. This is in reference to a rabbit test where after confirming a pregnancy, "the rabbit dies".
  • The scene where the mountain lion falls off the cliff resembles a similar scene in The Lion King.
  • When the animals use their Satanic powers, "Ave Satani" ("Hail Satan," the theme song to The Omen) plays in the background.
  • When Stan is watching TV, The Jeffersons theme song can be heard playing briefly.
  • The melody of the song "Christmas Time is Once a Year" is taken from the song "I Believe in Santa Claus" from the Rankin Bass special "The Year Without A Santa Claus"



Kyle dies of AIDS

  • This episode is revealed to be a narrative, with nothing in it reality, aside from the "Write Your Own Christmas Story Day" assignment and Cartman reading his story. This is later referenced in episodes two and three of the "Imaginationland" story arc, in which the Woodland Critters appear as evil imaginary beings existing in Imaginationland. The Woodland Critters quickly prove to be the most evil characters in Imaginationland, performing horrific acts on their enemies. Jason Voorhees even declares, "Man, I do not want to meet the kid who dreamt those things up", referring back to Eric Cartman and this episode.
  • The woman on the abortion table, as Stan Marsh takes the Mountain Lion Cubs to the clinic, also appeared on the abortion table in "Kenny Dies".
  • Kyle would actually get AIDS in the season 12 episode "Tonsil Trouble" from Cartman himself. Although, he didn't die from it. Cartman suggested that they give Kyle AIDS in “Red Man's Greed”.
  • This is the last Christmas-themed episode until "#HappyHolograms", which aired a decade later.


  • There are 12 woodland critters that appear in the episode, however only 11 are named during the narrator's introduction. They are Squirrely the squirrel, Rabbity the rabbit, Beavery the beaver, Beary the bear, Porcupiney the porcupine, Skunky the skunk, Foxy the fox, Deery the deer, Woodpeckery the woodpecker, Mousey the mouse, and Chickadee-y the chickadee. The raccoon (presumably named Raccoony) is not mentioned.
  • Mousey and some other critters are seen going to the left and the right, but he, along with some other critters, are shown coming out or behind of the manger. However, since there was a scene transition, it is possible that during the transition they could have ran behind or sat behind the crib.
  • Before Stan goes to take the lion cubs to the abortion clinic, the critters say it's Christmas Eve, then at the abortion clinic the doctor says there are three days until Christmas, then when the critters run into Kyle, they ask what he's doing all alone on Christmas Eve, all in the same day.
  • The character of Rabbity Rabbit is sacrificed to Satan early in the episode. However, during the later scene in which the Antichrist has been born, Rabbity Rabbit appears in one shot. It is possible that he was revived in some satanic way.
  • Porcupiney's pregnant belly continuously appears and disappears throughout the episode. She appears to be pregnant in her first appearance as well, before conceiving the Anti-Christ.
  • When the critters are talking after the Anti-Christ is born, Deery is shown laying down in one shot, and standing up in the next, and then laying down again.
  • The critters proclaim that Kyle is a perfect human vessel because he is unbaptized, but purification practices (Tevilah) in some Judaism, namely the washing of hands in more common daily practice, via tap water or special ritual body of water as needed (netilat yadayim); or full immersion into a special body of water (en mikveh, or stream/spring should one be available), though only necessary for a smaller number of "unclean" reasons, can be similarly if not entirely linked to baptism for historical context. Although the full implications are wildly different, and the repeatability of baptism is questionably argued (although re-baptisms and re-dedications do occur in some denominations), the "cleansing" aspect is undeniable and, unless Kyle is a very, very bad little boy--which could be the case--he might not exactly be an ideal candidate.
    • Likewise, as a circumcised Hebrew youth--one who is accepted into the religion, to be cared for, guided, and helped by the surrounding, local Jewish faithful (synagogue at least)--Kyle is not just much less likely to meet the critters' "hedonistic", Jesus-hating criteria, it's actually slim to nil.

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