Wolf Home Security appeared in the episode "Insecurity". It is a business that sells security packages that automatically alert an operator to act upon an emergency, particularly house burglaries and break-ins. Cartman approaches them in the episode as a measure against any potential break in by the UPS delivery man, an apparent mass rapist.


Home Security System

The general security package for the system includes motion sensors, break in detectors and a central unit for the front door. These react and alert Wolf Security who then phone the customer to ask them what the problem is and how they can help.


A new product advertised by the company to respond when the consumer feels unsafe when away from the home. It triggers an auto dial in similar way to the home system, wherin the company will contact the person in need when their sensors go off.



  • Wolf Home Security is a reference to ADT Security Services and many of their scenes parody commercials for Broadview Security[1] [2], formerly known as Brink's Home Security which has merged with ADT. Many similarities between the episode scenes and the commercials include the camera work, the dark setting for the company's base, conversations between the operator, and the customer in need and the central security unit.
  • All of the technicians and salespersons were voiced by series co-creator Trey Parker.


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