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The wise man is an elderly man known for the "middle-class white-way" of curing S.A.R.S. He first appeared in the Season Seven episode, "Red Man's Greed".


The entire town of South Park is infected with S.A.R.S., and it's up to Stan to find a cure. Randy instructs him to visit a Wise Man in Bellow Creek for the answer. When Stan arrives at the man's trailer, he learns that he was expecting him. The wise man pours some paint thinner into a paper bag and instructs Stan to huff it.

After Stan's inward journey, which he thought sounded gay, he learned that the middle-class white-way of curing S.A.R.S. is Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, Dayquil, and Sprite.

He also made a cameo appearance in "Hell on Earth 2006", where he appears among the residents of Hell, indicating that he died sometime between his previous appearance and this appearance.


The wise man is a haggard, elderly gentleman who wears sagging teal pants and a dirty, white tank top. His pants are unsecured, as his belt is left unfastened. He has thinning, long, gray hair and a gray mustache. His face is uniquely shaped, in that he is shown with a square jaw.



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