The Wise Man is an elderly man known for the "middle-class white-way" of curing S.A.R.S. He appeared in the Season Seven episode, "Red Man's Greed".


The entire town of South Park is infected with S.A.R.S., and it's up to Stan to find a cure. Randy instructs him to visit a Wise Man in Bellow Creek for the answer. When Stan arrives at the man's trailer, he learns that he was expecting him. The Wise Man pours some paint thinner into a paper bag, and instructs Stan to huff it.

After Stan's inward journey, which he thought sounded gay, he learned that the middle-class white-way of curing S.A.R.S. is Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, Dayquil, and Sprite.


The Wise Man is a haggard, elderly gentleman who wears sagging teal pants and a dirty, white tank top. His pants are unsecured, as his belt is left unfastened. He has thinning, long, gray hair and a gray mustache. His face is uniquely shaped, in that he is shown with a square jaw.



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