Winnie the Pooh is a fictional character from the 1926 book of the same name. He appeared in the Season 23 episode, "Band in China". He was killed by Randy after he was released from the Chinese prison.

He also appeared in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special" when he becomes a zombie attempting to kill Randy Marsh for revenge, though Randy was facing a hallucination at the time.


He appears to be rather soft-spoken and obsessed with honey, as he is willing to ask complete strangers if they have any honey that he could have. This obsession eventually leads to his death.


He first appears in a jail cell in China with his companion, Piglet. He asks Randy Marsh if he has any honey with him. Piglet explains that Pooh is a political prisoner as people said he looks like the Chinese President and General Secretary of the Communist Party (Xi Jinping), which was considered offensive and Pooh's presence in the country is now illegal.

Later he joins Randy and the other Disney characters when Mickey Mouse arrives in the country. He is then chewed out in front of the group, being referred to as a "fat, diabetic bear" and is told that if the Chinese do not want him, then he doesn't want him either.

As he and Piglet wander the streets of China in search of honey, they eventually find a honey pot in an empty alleyway. Pooh begins to eat it and after a few licks, proposes sharing some of the honey with Piglet. Randy suddenly appears from behind, taking Pooh down to the pavement as he places a garrote wire around his throat and violently strangles him to death as he takes Pooh for a ride, leaving Randy covered in Pooh's blood and honey.


He wears an ill-fitting red polo shirt with a single button and has a protruding belly, indicating that he is overweight. He also appears to be shorter than most of the Disney characters, with the exception of Piglet. It is drawn and animated quite differently from most South Park characters (unlike most Disney characters that are drawn in exactly the same way).


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