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William P. Phineas was an adventurer and the founder of the pedophilic group called the Super Adventure Club who appeared in the Season Ten episode, "The Return of Chef".


When the boys try to unbrainwash Chef to turn him back into having sex with women, the current leader of the Super Adventure club William P. Connelly tells them the story of the group's founder, William P. Phineas. He tells them that Phineas traveled around the world having sexual encounters with the native children that lived in the different areas of the world, believing that doing this made him immortal due to the "marlocks" in the children's' bodies. The story ends off ironically with Phineas getting hit by a train in 1892.


William P. Phineas had short white hair and a large white mustache. He wore a white explorer hat along with a beige suit over a white shirt and a black tie, beige pants, large brown boots, and small round glasses.

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