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Wikileaks was a rat who appeared as the main antagonist of the Season Fifteen episode, "Bass to Mouth".


Wikileaks appears as a regular rat with dark gray fur and a blond head of hair.


In "Bass to Mouth", he enjoyed posting the South Park Elementary students' gossips and secrets on Eavesdropper, even though any potential self-benefit is outweighed by the cost of running and maintaining a website. He is also the older brother of Lemmiwinks. Wikileaks was shown to be intelligent enough to operate a computer, and record things with a helmet cam.


  • Wikileaks' name and character is a reference to Julian Assange's website WikiLeaks, on which leaked government documents are posted and made available for download. The character's hair also resembles Assange's.
  • Wikileaks is also used to reference the rat and villain "Martin" from The Secret of NIMH 2.

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