For the episode, see "Wieners Out".

Wieners Out is a movement formed by Butters Stotch in the episode of the same name.


After his then-girlfriend, Charlotte, breaks up with him via a Skype call, Butters becomes heartbroken and wants to get revenge on the girls for their mass breakup initiation that occurred in the preceding episode. As a result, he forms a movement involving him and the rest of South Park Elementary's male populace exposing their genitalia to the public and exhibiting pride in their gender. Prior to this, Kyle convinces his male classmates to syncretize with the girls by attending their volleyball game.

The boys adhere to this idea, only for Butters to pull down his pants and show his genitals to the girls as they are playing volleyball; several other boys follow suit. Upon witnessing this, Kyle facepalms, realizing that his plan ultimately backfired. However, he later joins the movement after discovering that Cartman has a girlfriend in the form of Heidi Turner.

The movement results in complaints from the girls to PC Principal, who refuses to take action, due to him thinking that doing so would be considered body shaming.

"Douche and a Danish"

Wieners Out carries on in the following episode, as Butters is seen with his pants down when preparing to engage in a fight with Nelly, who tells him to pull up his pants so they can proceed to fight, to which Butters refuses.

However, he and the rest of the boys join forces to put an end to the movement by conforming to Heidi's fundraiser consisting of selling danishes to support Denmark, wherein the Danish are being trolled online. This deal ends once Butters becomes infuriated that no one is buying their danishes and blames the boys for "working with a bunch of stupid girls", which results in a massive argument between the two genders, much to Heidi's disappointment.

"Oh, Jeez"

After PC Principal makes an effort for the girls and boys to come together after the results of the preceding night's election, Bill Clinton presents himself and asks one of the boys in the audience of the assembly to join his Gentleman's Club as a means to get the male students back with their ex-girlfriends. Stan does so in order to get back with Wendy as the two are seated at a restaurant, attempting to patch things up.

Butters and the other boys call him out for reconciling with a girl, deeming Stan a traitor and pressing their penises up against the window in retaliation. Later on, Butters' parents ground him for his actions, though this consequence has no affect on him whatsoever, as he is seen pressing his wiener up against his bedroom window, thus revealing his genitals to the public.


In "Members Only", once he goes to SpaceX to travel to Mars with Cartman and Heidi, Butters announces that he has ended the Wieners Out movement. As a result, his personality transitions into feminism and acts of kindness, similar to Cartman's as of season 20. However, this doesn't change his view on girls nor end the gender war, as he is still heartbroken over Charlotte.



  • "Wieners Out" - Seen exposing their genitalia at the girls' volleyball game and marching in the hallway, chanting the movement's name as Butters uses a megaphone to encourage them.
  • "Douche and a Danish" - Butters has his pants pulled down as he and Nelly prepare to battle.
  • "Oh, Jeez" - The movement singles out Stan for attempting to get back with Wendy.
  • "Members Only" - Official retirement.
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