The Whole Foods Representative is a representative of the Whole Foods Market, he appears in season 19 episode "The City Part of Town".


In "The City Part of Town", he is sent to South Park to examine whether this town deserves a Whole Foods Market. People of South Park royally welcome his arrival and treat him like a top brass. He feels unnatural at the ceremony so he asks people of South Park to behave normally. Then he inspects South Park Elementary, where he asks PC Principal about how the town has changed and audits a lesson in the fourth grade classroom. He also visits SoDoSoPa before he gets weary.

The next day, he appears at the ranch and observes slaughter procedures of local cattle. Meanwhile Mr. Kim, with his child labor force, puts up a promotion video of CtPaTown. Randy and other townfolks get mad at him so they dash toward City Wok to thrash Mr. Kim, the representative follows them and spots the clash. He is deeply impressed by the social consciousness they show during the fight, so he announces that South Park is qualified for a Whole Foods Market, which amazes everyone, except Mr. Kim and Kenny.


He wears a blackish green jacket, a grayish green uniform of Whole Foods Market inside, grey trousers and brown leather shoes. He has dyed brown combover hair, a small mouth and double chins. His facial expression is serious all the time, with his eyes always looking suspiciously around. He always holds a stick under his arms.


He seems to be serious, cool-headed, objective and wise, but is actually weird and insane. This is proven by the dramatic turn near the end of this episode, as he interprets the riot as a representation of social consciousness.

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