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The Whole Foods Representative is a representative of the Whole Foods Market. He appears in the Season Nineteen episode, "The City Part of Town".


In "The City Part of Town", he is sent to South Park to decide if the town deserves a Whole Foods Market. The people of South Park royally welcome his arrival and go to great lengths to impress him. He senses that they are acting unnatural at the ceremony so he asks people of South Park to behave normally. He then inspects South Park Elementary, where he asks PC Principal about how the town has changed and audits a lesson in the fourth-grade classroom. He also visits SoDoSoPa.

The next day, he appears at the ranch to observe the slaughter procedures of local cattle. Meanwhile, Mr. Kim, along with his child labor force put up a promotional video of CtPaTown. When Randy and the other townsfolk get mad at him, they go to thrash him. Upon seeing this, the representative is so deeply impressed by the social consciousness they show during the fight that he announces that South Park is qualified for a Whole Foods Market, much to the delight on everyone except Mr. Kim and Kenny.


The Whole Foods representative wears a black-green jacket, a gray-green Whole Goods uniform inside, gray pants, and brown leather shoes. He has dyed brown combover hair, a small mouth, and a double chin. His facial expression is serious all the time, with his eyes always looking suspiciously around. He holds a riding crop under his arm.


The Whole Foods representative has a sullen demeanor and an air of grim authority. When he speaks, his comments are stern and direct. Near the end of the episode, he is shown to have correctly deduced that the town of South Park is simply pretending to have a social conscience rather than actually caring about each other, showing he is also observant and shrewd.

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