What Happened to My School? is a book written by Eric Cartman in the Season Thirteen episode "Dances with Smurfs".


After Eric Cartman became the new reader of the morning announcements at South Park Elementary, he began a smear campaign against Wendy Testaburger, the student-body president. He consistently accused Wendy of hating Smurfs and repeatedly called her derogatory names. He wrote What Happened to My School?, a book about Wendy's supposed sexual exploits, and held a book signing, selling the books for $5 each.


The cover of the book features Eric Cartman in a suit with a scrutinizing look. The American flag can be seen in the background behind him. The title of the book is written in a big, red font on the top, and Eric's name is written in a white font with a gray background on the bottom.


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