Whale Wars was a television show featured in the episode "Whale Whores". It was set on the boat Sea Shepherd, captained by Paul Watson. The show was meant to be about saving whales from the Japanese, but under the command of Watson all the crew did was throw butter at the Japanese ships to make them smell and claim that the Japanese were attacking them to get media attention. Although it was obvious that no one takes the show seriously, the crew considered themselves as badasses. Later on they recruited a new member, Stan Marsh. After Watson was killed by a Japanese harpoon, Stan took matters into his own hands and fired a flare gun at the Japanese ship, sinking it. After this the crew made Stan their captain. He turned the show into what it was supposed to have been all along, sinking Japanese whaling ships. After this the show became very popular, so much that rival program Deadliest Catch's boat tried to block the Sea Shepherd's path. Deadliest Catch was eventually pushed out of the way by whales, as if they knew what Whale Wars was doing for them. The show was eventually ended when the Japanese flew planes into the ship, killing nearly all the crew.


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