For the song Wendy sings in "Something You Can Do with Your Finger", see "Wendy's Audition Song".

"Wendy's Song" is a song sung by Stan Marsh throughout the film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut about his unrequited love for Wendy Testaburger.


The three known verses were sung on three different occasions; the first when Stan meets Wendy with her new boyfriend, Gregory, ice-skating at Stark's Pond. The second, when Stan watched Wendy and Gregory in the lunch queue. The third, when Stan watches Wendy and Gregory being "political and stuff" in the playground.

The song's second verse was interrupted by Cartman, as Stan was standing lovestruck and holding up the lunch line.

The song is one of three songs that were sung in the movie itself but not included on the South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Soundtrack album, the other two being "The Mole's Reprise" and "Hell Isn't Good".


  • The song's Les Misérables counterpart is "On My Own", as both concern unrequited feelings of love.


There's the girl that I like.
Now, more than ever, she gives me butterflies.
It makes my stomach queasy every time she walks by.
I know I can be cool if I try.

There's the girl that I like.
Over there laughing with that smart ne—

There's the girl that I like.
Now it appears that she likes another guy.
It must be because he's political and stuff;
I bet I could be political, too.

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