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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mayor McDaniels.
  • This episode marks the first speaking roles of Bebe Stevens and Clyde Donovan.
  • In this episode, Bebe was voiced by the late voice actress, Mary Kay Bergman. In subsequent appearances, she is voiced by the show's supervising producer, Jennifer Howell.
  • Mr. Garrison and Kathie Lee Gifford were shown competing in a grade school talent show even though Kathie Lee grew up in Maryland and Mr. Garrison grew up in Arkansas, as shown in "World Wide Recorder Concert".
  • On the chalkboard in the students' classroom, you can see the sentences "Chupe mis Chi Chis", "No me Toquen los Huevos" and "Mi verga es Fea y Morena". In Spanish, these sentences read "Suck My Boobs", "Don't Touch my Balls", and "My dick is ugly and black".
  • This is the first episode where Pip Pirrip is shown without his hat.
  • During the scene in which Mr. Garrison is ready to snipe Kathy Lee, he is seen with his normal sweater instead of the trench coat. However, he most likely took it off in the depository.
  • Mayor McDaniels lips are not thin and straight as they usually are.
  • This is the first episode where Mr. Hat appears to be a separate entity from Mr. Garrison.
  • Although this was the third South Park episode broadcasted, it was the second one to be made, and is nearly always shown second on re-runs.
  • Ms. Crabtree appears to look younger in this episode, as well as not having bags under her eyes. She also appears to look less obese.
  • Bebe is shown wearing a pink jacket in this episode rather than her normal red one.
  • In the US Version, the part where Kenny dies there is dramatic music playing. In the international version the music is absent.

References to Popular Culture

  • Kathy Lee Gifford visits South Park. At the time this episode was made, she was popular for being the co-host of Live With Regis and Kathy Lee, a daytime talk show she co-hosted with Regis Philbin.
  • One of Mayor McDaniels' aides makes a crack about Kathy Lee especially liking kids if "they work in a sweat shop". In 1996, the National Labor Committee had reported that a line of Kathy Lee brand clothing, distributed through Wal-Mart, was made using sweatshop labor.
  • Wendy rebuffs Cartman's boasts of fame by telling him that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was also famous.
  • Chef states that his penis is at least three times bigger than Frank Gifford's. Frank Gifford was an NFL football player for the New York Giants and was also the husband of Kathy Lee Gifford.
  • Kathie Lee singing "If My Friends Could See Me Now" is a parody of her singing the same song in real life in Carnival Cruise Lines commercials.
  • Weight Gain 4000 and the commercial selling it are a spoof on "bulk up" powders used by those who would like to gain more muscle mass. Commonly known for their dubious promises, usually they're only effective if one exercises regularly, and most can cause serious health problems, which is why the end of the commercial contains the warning "May cause irreversible damage to the kidneys and liver."
  • According to the history of South Park, the land was originally inhabited by the Ute Indians. The Ute tribe did live on land that would become the States of Colorado and Utah.
  • Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat attempt to shoot Kathie Lee from the book depository, which is analogous to Lee Harvey Oswald shooting John F. Kennedy from the Texas School Book Depository. See The JFK Assassination.
  • Kathy Lee Gifford is shown traveling in a domed vehicle; this is a play on the Pope Mobile, a vehicle that had been specially modified with a bullet proof glass area for the Pope following the 1981 failed assassination of Pope John Paul II.
  • Chef states that Kathy Lee is more special than Mary Tyler Moore, an actress famous for her role in the 1970s TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  • Chef also says that Kathy Lee is more special than a "Value Meal at Happy Burger", probably a reference to Burger King's own value meals.
  • When Mayor McDaniels is introducing Cartman to the crowd, she mistakenly calls him Eric Kaufman. The use of the last name "Kaufman" is probably a nod to filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman, co-owner of Troma Entertainment; Troma was the company that released Trey Parker and Matt Stone's first feature film Cannibal! The Musical.
  • Mr. Hat states that they could have gotten away with murdering Kathy Lee if not for those "meddling kids." This line is usually uttered by a captured criminal caught by the Scooby-Doo gang from the TV series Scooby Doo.
  • The episode ends with Eric Cartman finally getting on TV, on a talk show hosted by Geraldo, who, before becoming a regular at Fox News in 2001, had his own day time talk show on NBC.
  • There is a golden version of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Orgazmo on top of Kathy Lee's trophy.
  • The scene where Mr. Hat's head spins parodies The Exorcist.
  • "It is… too late for me, young Wendy" was paraphrased from Darth Vader in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, where Luke tries to bring his father back from the Dark Side.
  • Mr. Hat and Mr. Garrison arguing over killing Gifford is a parody of many books and films where the ventriloquist has multiple personality disorder and argues with his puppet, including Magic.
  • The scene where Mr. Garrison is at Jimbo's Guns talking to himself in the mirror is from the Robert DeNiro film, Taxi Driver in which the same lines are spoken by Travis Bickle (DeNiro).
  • Cartman wins the contest by stealing the work of Henry David Thoreau, Walden, simply changing the author's name to his.


  • There is a reference to the original short Jesus vs. Santa where Kyle almost completely quotes an exact line he said in the short. "Goddamn, that's a big fat fuck."


  • As Mr. Garrison addresses the class at the start of the episode, when he blinks his closed eyes appear in front of his glasses. This is remedied in the following shots.
  • Both Kyle and Mr Garrison's mouths disappear during the episode - Kyle as he is talking to Chef, and Garrison as he recalls the talent show.
  • At the beginning when the kids are talking to Chef, Kenny is not wearing his gloves in one scene.
  • In this episode, Garrison, as a child, is gray-haired and bald. In one of the scenes of  "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut ", he is also youth, where he has brown hair.
  • Before Chef sings his song, he calls Mayor McDaniels "Mr. Mayor" even though she is a female.
  • Later in the episode, the wood texture in Mr. Garrison's assault rifle turns from wood to metal, and then back to wood again in the following scene. It is seen during the conversation with Officer Barbrady.
  • The Beefcake advertiser's hand comes out of Cartman's TV screen.
  • When Mr. Garrison asks Mr. Hat why he was looking at him that way, the wrinkles on his forehead disappear.
  • When Wendy is pulling out papers, she is wearing gloves, however, immediately before and immediately after this scene, she is not.
  • When Cartman is trying to get through the bus doors, Ms. Crabtree is nowhere to be seen.
  • When Mr. Garrison is showing the play to Mayor McDaniels, Kevin is assigned as a pioneer but later appears as an Indian when he falls next to Bebe.
  • According to Wendy, Cartman's awarding winning essay should be nothing but exactly the same as Walden. However, the first sentence Wendy reads from it is a bit different from the original.
    • "When I wrote the following pages, or rather the bulk of them, I lived alone in the woods on the shore of..." (Cartman's version)
    • "When I wrote the following pages, or rather the bulk of them, I lived alone, in the woods, a mile from any neighbor, in a house which I had built myself, on the shore of Walden Pond..." (original)

Kenny's Death

  • Shot by Mr. Garrison, this launches him into the air and impales him on a flagpole.

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