Weasel is a character who appears in the Season Four premiere episode "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000".


Weasel appears bringing Cartman four hundred pounds of teeth from China in order to pay Loogie for the teeth trade, but Cartman kicks him out of his house when he finds out that Weasel was scamming him with four hundred pounds of teeth that were actually cat teeth instead of human teeth, causing Weasel to make monkey noises before leaving.


Weasel has a unique appearance from most other child characters. He appears with an egg-shaped head and very large eyes. He has small strands of black hair on his head and thick black eyebrows as well as a large nose. When not speaking, he appears with large buck teeth. He wears a black coat with a white undershirt, a light brown belt, dark brown pants, and black shoes. He also appears to be slightly taller than most other child characters.


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