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The Water Commissioner is an agent employed under the Colorado Division of Water Resources. He appears in South Park: The Streaming Wars.


Following a drought in Denver, the water commissioner is sent to survey the water usage from marijuana farms, particularly on Tegridy Farms and Credigree Weed. The commissioner explains that part of the water rights which the farms do not use can be sold, triggering both Tegridy Farms and Credigree Weed into establishing their own streaming service where they can sell water to the residents in Denver. The water commissioner later approaches Mr. Cussler who was constructing a new home, and imparts the information to him as well, leading to the formation of another streaming service known as "Cussler Industries".

It is eventually discovered that the water commissioner had been working with Pi-Pi and ManBearPig, with the objective of controlling the water source from the mountains. The commissioner however, is ultimately double-crossed by Pi-Pi himself, who intends to make full use of the state's water supply for his own theme park, and gets assaulted by ManBearPig.

It is also revealed in a news article that the commissioner has been accused of accepting bribes in 2012, amounting to a value of $200,000.


The water commissioner wears a khaki jacket over a brown suit and white shirt with yellow tie, khaki pants, dark brown shoes, and a khaki hat. He carries a pouch of cannabis cigarettes, and is often seen smoking one.


  • The Water Commissioner is a homage to Jake Gittes, the main protagonist of the film Chinatown.