Wall-Mart has appeared twice during the series, as the main antagonist in the Season Eight episode, "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes" and the Season Sixteen episode, "Raising the Bar. Its name is a parody of the real life megastore Walmart. This superstore sells virtually everything, using a bulk purchase system to create incredible bargains that no one could resist.


When Wall-Mart opened, all of the other businesses in South Park closed due to its popularity. After a while, the townspeople organize a boycott leading the store's president to offer a peaceful solution. The townspeople are alarmed to find the store alive after it kills the president in an effort to make it look like a suicide and destroy Wall-Mart, only to find it being rebuilt.

The boys travel to Bentonville, Arkansas, where Wall-Mart's headquarters are located and the president, Harvey Brown, tells them to destroy the heart of the store before committing suicide. After arriving back the boys journey through the store to find the 'heart', Wall-Mart tries to defend itself by lowering all its prices by a ridiculously low amount. The boys find a man inside the store claiming to be Wall-Mart who shows them a mirror. Wall-Mart described the consumer is the heart of Wall-Mart to which the boys respond by smashing the mirror causing the store to cave in. Once the store is gone for good, it voids its bowels, despite not being an actual living being.

Cartman was shown to appreciate Wall-Mart, as he spent most of his time there while the store is open. He tries to stop the boys from reaching Bentonville but fails, when they come back, he threatens them with a knife.

In "Raising the Bar", Cartman sees the advantages of his obesity and begins using a mobility scooter like other obese people in the store. He then demands special treatment for his condition.

Powers and Abilities

In "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes", Wall-Mart is shown to have several powers, including:

  • Telepathy - was shown to be able to communicate telepathically with Cartman as well as the president of its South Park branch.
  • Telekinesis - was shown to be able to lower its prices within seconds of being challenged, despite having no limbs.
  • Anthropomorphism - was able to appear as a person to Stan and Kyle.


Wall-Mart's regular appearance seems to have everything from Automotive, Electronics Pharmaceutical, Photos, Groceries, Clothes, and Garden sections. Its bottom is made out of what appears to be orange bricks, while its top and roof seem to be made out of tin. On the top center of the building, there is a red sign of sorts, with "WALL-MART" printed across it in white letters. Below the sign, there are two doors, so people could enter. In its human form, it appears as an old man, wearing a white suit and black tie.


Wall-Mart has a lust for power, putting other companies out of business while feeling no remorse. Wall-Mart is also manipulative, lowering its prices in order to stop the boys and Randy from destroying it, however, its manipulation seems limited, only fooling the incompetent citizens of South Park. It is also violent, having no qualms about killing those who vocalize their disapproval of it.


Stan, Kyle and Kenny

The three disliked Wall-Mart, due to it causing all the other businesses in South Park to go bankrupt, because of this, they and Wall-Mart were enemies throughout "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes".


Cartman loved Wall-Mart, so it took advantage of this love and manipulated him into betraying the rest of the boys, they had a pseudo-friendship, mostly due to Cartman's naivety and selfishness.

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