The Walgreens bouncer is a security guard who appears in Season Twenty-Four episode "South ParQ Vaccination Special".


In a vaccination program at Walgreens, the COVID-19 vaccines are reserved to elderly people aged 55 and above and first responders. Despite attempts by Mr. Mackey, Richard Adler, the Underpants Gnomes and few other characters to get the vaccines, the bouncer turns them away, even escorting Mackey off when the latter attempts to get in dressed as a fireman.

Later, as the boys plan to steal the vaccines for Margaret Nelson and the other teachers, they show up at Walgreens with a wheelchair-bound elderly woman. They claim to be a non-profit organization known as the Kommunity Kidz who escort elderly to the vaccination locations. The bouncer lets them in.


The bouncer is well-built with tattoos on both arms. He has brown hair with a five o' clock shadow. He wears a black shirt, pants and shoes, an earphone on his left ear, a pair of sunglasses and a mask bearing the words "SECURITY".

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