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The Walgreens Pharmacist is a healthcare worker for Walgreens who appears in Season Twenty-Four episode "South ParQ Vaccination Special".


In an attempt to steal vaccines from Walgreens, The Boys dress up as healthcare workers and "accompany" an elderly woman to get vaccinated. The pharmacist, who is carrying a tray of vaccines, approaches them, and the boys explain that they are "helping old people getting to their vaccination locations". However, the boys get into an argument, with the elderly woman revealing that they are lying about being part of an organization. The boys decided to drop their plan and kick the pharmacist, taking the vaccines from the latter before making their escape.


The pharmacist has blond hair and wears the standard doctor's coat with a stethoscope around his neck, along with a pair of glasses and a surgical mask.

He is a blonde recolor of Dr. Zonder from "Le Petit Tourette".

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